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Frequently Asked Questions

What is polymer?
The polymer we use is a Marine Grade U.V. protected, VHMW-PE plastic (Very High Molecular Weight-Polyethylene). It is made in the US from domestic natural gas.

How strong is this polymer?
It is many times stronger than any other material used in drift boat construction by anyone.

Is there a warranty on a Boulder Boat Works boat?
Boulder Boat Works offers a lifetime guarantee on all of our hulls against punctures and leaks that occur from ordinary river usage. Repairs covered under this warranty will be performed at our shop. Any freight or transportation costs to and from our location will be at the owner’s expense.Our liability does not apply to the following; equipment or accessories carrying their own individual liabilities or warranties, any Boulder Boat Works boat that has been altered, misused or damaged due to negligence or an accident.

How much does the boat weigh?
Our Pro Guide hull weighs approximately 177 lbs for the high side model and 160 lbs for the low profile hull.

Is it U.V. Protected?
Yes, this material has a lifetime U.V. rating, but we encourage using a boat cover when storing your boat outside. The sun can damage the woodwork and the finish over time.

How do you clean it?
We clean our boats with a pressure washer and Simple Green. For stubborn marks we like a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Does the polymer material ever need refinishing?
No, this material is forever!

Can the polymer be repaired?
Yes, in the unlikely event that it get's damaged, we can repair anything.

What happens when you hit rocks?
Our polymer hulls slide over the rocks like greased lightning and there is no damage resulting from repeated collisions. No repairs are needed, unlike wood or fiberglass gel coats which can be fragile & costly to repair.

What types of wood are used?
Premium Domestic White Ash, with other woods available upon request.

What is the expected life span of the boat?
It's a "lifer." Take care of a Boulder Boat Works boat correctly and it will last forever.

Does this boat handle better than fiberglass boats?
Yes, the polymer material is lighter than water so these boats float higher and handle lighter & easier than any fiberglass boat.  
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