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Boulder Boat Works Boat Kits (available in high side or low side hulls)
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Many of our customers over the years have asked us for Boat Kits. We listened and have come out with the most unique drift boat kit in the business.

Now a more affordable and fun way to own America’s premiere drift boat. We do the difficult aspects and you build the fun parts

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Benefits of a Boulder Boat Works Kit:

1) Boulder Boat Works VHMW-PE hull, the strongest, lightest, more durable hull built today, by anyone, anywhere.
2) We build the hull, so you don’t have to, each Boulder Boat Works hull is built to our high quality  standards and comes with our lifetime warranty

3) All kits come with a DVD instruction video, easy to follow, these kits are designed for success

4) No fiberglass, no epoxies are used to complete boat

5) Less time to completion – much less than wooden or fiberglass kits. Estimated time to complete is 40 hours

6) You can keep it simple with a base kit, add options and accessories from the beginning, or add them later. We offer a full line of accessories and upgrades or you can build these yourself.

7) Customize your boat your way or build it like our Pro Guide, it’s your choice.

8) In the end you’ll have the strongest, lightest, most durable drift boat kit ever offered

9) Save some cash and have lots of fun building your own Boulder Boat works drift boat!

Basic Boat Kit Price = MSRP $7495 $6495.00

Economy Boat Kit Price = MSRP $8495 $7495.00

Pro Guide Boat Kit Price = MSRP $9595 $8595.00

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Hull: Fully assembled Pro Guide hull

  • Material, Vee hull, VHMW-PE
  • Color, standard "Desert Sand"
  • Your choice of high side or
    low side model

The hull is complete and ready to build out.

Comes with: Fly deck, floor framing (middle floor), floor framing for front and rear floors (raised and leveled) & front, middle and rear floor panels (polymer material).

Wood Package: We use Ash which is a great hardwood perfect for boat construction, it's a light color and beautiful wood. We can also supply these kits with African Mahogany or other types of wood on request at an additional cost.

The wood pack is as follows:

Bow stem: rough cut and ready for sanding, varnish, and install.

Front knee brace: precision cut horns and rough cut dash, sand, route, assemble ,varnish and install

Transom plates: we have custom fitted these to your hull and they are ready for sanding, varnish and install.

Ribs: 5 pair, ribs are precision cut and ready for sanding, varnish and install.

Front passenger bench seat: 2 rails, and cross pieces, precision cut and ready for sanding, assembly, varnish and install. Also comes with polymer seat top, no finish needed. Just fit and install.

Rowers bench seat: 2 rails, and cross pieces, precision cut and ready for sanding, assembly, varnish and install. Also comes with polymer seat top, no finish needed. Just fit and install.

Gunnels: we supply you precision scarfed ash, with two 1/8" registration pins for easy glue up. Sand, route, add gunnel blocks and wedge shim, varnish and install. Includes: (4) 12' x 3/4" x 1 3/4" scarfed and (4) 8' x 3/4" x 1 3/4" scarfed

Hardware: stainless steel hardware

All stainless hardware needed for complete build out
Bow eye
Screws for mounting knee horns and knee brace assembly
Bolts for mounting transom plates
Screws for floor panels
Bolts and screws to mount rib set
All hardware necessary to build and mount bench seats
Gunnel hardware – 1/4x20 bolts and washers w/ acorn nuts (upgrade option to barrel nuts is available).

Finish: 2 quarts of Z-Spar varnish, more than enough to varnish all parts 3 times!

All of the following items are available for an additional price as indicated

Accessories, Options and Upgrades

Most of these accessories, options, upgrade items and components can either be bought from BBW or they can be built by you. Many can also be purchased elsewhere such as West Marine, Inc or other mail order marine companies and river outfitters. You may choose to build some of these yourself out of light weight plywood or other materials yet undiscovered by us. And of course all of our polymer components need no varnish or epoxy, saving you money and labor while eliminating refinishing expense in the future. We are giving you options to build out your own boat as we do... or to personalize it with your own ideas. We have built many custom boats for our clients in the past, and have some examples of these boats on our website. Please have a look at some great ideas that our customers have requested and we have built on the Custom Drift Boat Page.

Oar lock blocks: High side hull only, 1 pair of UHMW oar lock blocks, precision cut and ready to install. 3 positions for and aft. Including all stainless steel hardware for installation, no finish needed or bushing needed, they are made from bushing material!
$120.00 pair

Oar lock towers: Low side hull only, 1 pair of towers, hardware and mounting plates included. Because the low side hull is 4" lower than the high side hull, we have to raise the oar locks up to achieve proper fit. This is done via the towers, supplied is anodized aluminum towers, UHMW insert bushings, PE mounting plates and all necessary hardware to complete the job. $325.00 pair

Oar locks:
Sawyer Cobra oar locks

D-ring smooth post = $99.00 pair
Threaded nut = $120.00 pair

Drain plugs: Two choices

1" wing nut plugs for transom drains are $6.00 each

BBW's custom mid-ship drain plug system (select these plugs and they will come pre-installed in your hull and ready to use). $425.00 pair

Third passenger seating (rear seating options):

A) Yeti 25 quart cooler pedestal:
Standard (2012 and newer) $295.00
Retrofit (pre-2012 boats) $345.00

B) Bench Style, white oak frame and ribs. Precision ribs, rails and cross pieces including polymer bench top. Sand, assemble, varnish and install. Including all hardware to complete the job. $375.00

C) Pedestal Style, polymer dry box with sealed hatch, comes ready to mount, and is removable in minutes, allowing for additional storage in rear of boat when on multi day trips and more gear is needed. No finish needed. $450.00

D) Pedestal Style, polymer box with no hatch. $425.00

Yeti 25 qt. cooler

Bench Style

Pedestal Style - with hatch

Dry storage compartments:

A) Front passenger dry storage box and lid. Polymer box and lid, stainless piano hinge, zinc butterfly latches (2), all mounting hardware. No finish needed, ready to install. Kit $475.00 (Complete boat $695.00)

B) Yeti 120 qt cooler for front passenger. Kit $495.00 (Complete boat $495.00)

C) Rower's dry storage box with two 60/40 split lids. Polymer box (1) and lids (2), stainless piano hinges (2), zinc butterfly latches (2) and all mounting hardware. No finish needed, ready to install. Kit $495.00 (Complete boat $695.00)

* Yeti cooler not available for rower's seat

Rear passenger knee brace:
Another unique BBW creation, where form meets function, seamlessly. We designed this style of knee brace about 6 years ago and have been selling them for after market retros in all types of drift boats since its inception. It's a very difficult brace to build, and shape. It's a bent lamination using multi layers of plywood and veneers to make a very attractive and functionally perfect single leg brace. It is mounted to the back of the rowers seat rail and held at the floor with a cleat. This knee brace removes and reinstalls in minutes with a standard phillips screw driver and allows passengers to move freely from the back of boat to the front with out impedance. It's beautiful, and is one of the trademark components on all of our Pro Guide boats. Others have tried to copy this brace... but have never duplicated it! We have made this available in raw form or completely finished.

A) Figured Ash single leg brace, we have made the difficult precision cuts and it's ready for epoxy, varnish and installation. Including all stainless mounting hardware. $475.00

B) Figured Ash single leg brace, Completely finished, two coats of west system epoxy, and three coats of varnish. Ready to install, including all stainless mounting hardware. $675.00

Passenger seats:
We offer Two options in cushioned seats. One premium seat and swivel, and one economy seat and swivel. You can also consider building your own rope and wood version or search for your own aftermarket seats.

A) Fish-on premium cushioned seats, they are light and comfortable, will hold up for many years, and have replaceable cushions. These are the seats we use on all of our Pro Guide model boats. $150.00 each

B) Fish-on polymer swivel, designed for Fish-on seats. $32.00 each

C) Economy padded folding seats,
$48.00 each

D) Economy steel swivel, $15.00 each

Rowers seats:

A) Low Back tractor seat $99.99 each

B) High Back Tractor seat $109.99 each

Anchor Systems: We use exclusively Bo's Anchor Systems
Most all people these days go with the in-floor system. Our hulls come set up to install this system. But if you want to go a different direction, we can supply you with any of Bo's anchor components.

A) In-floor anchor package, floor pedal, stern/transom bracket, transom pulley and poly pipe (for ease of rope threading under rear raised and leveled floor). Including all stainless hardware for installation. $175.00

B) Rope, we offer 1/2 braided rope, brown in color, because after all it's going to end up that color. 35' for $35.00

C) Galvanized steel quick link to attach anchor to rope. $8.95

D) 25 lb. steal pyramid which is lead filled using recycled trap and skeet shot mined from old ranges. This anchor will not wear down and shed lead into your rivers, thus maintaining its original weight. It will last for many years and it is better for the environment. Also available in custom sizes. $140.00

Multi-position foot brace, rowers: Our polymer foot brace is available with 4 adjustments and non-skid plate attached. Including all stainless mounting hardware. $75.00

Full length Rod Holders: High side hull will accommodate 2 rods on each side and Low side will only accommodate 1 one rod on each side. Including all stainless hardware for mounting.

High side double rod holders, $49.95 set

Low side single rod holders, $44.95 set

The paper pattern for this rod holder design is free with the purchase of any boat kit (if you want to make these yourself).

Interior bow shelf (for high side hull only): This polymer bow shelf is precision cut and ready to install, including all stainless hardware for mounting. $65.00

Non-skid floor plates: Because our polymer is slippery when wet, we use skid plates in the anglers position to give a positive footing for casting. These are aluminum plates that have been coated with a non skid material, you can either install with pop rivets or stainless screws – your choice of mounting hardware. In fairness, the floors are not super slippery, but also are not quite sticky enough to anchor an angler for casting. The non-skid aluminum plates more than solves this aspect. We use aluminum because nothing sticks to our polymer, we have tried 3M sticky tape and it just peels off, not to mention it is costly. The aluminum plates are re-surfacable thus allowing for minimum maintenance season after season. 3M sticky tape is available in many different colors and will stick to the aluminum plates, so we offer these in coated and blanks.

A) Non-skid floor plate coated with Evercoat "skid no more," gray color only $30.00 each

B) Blank floor plate, ready for non skid coating. $18.00 each

Fly Patches: these are 3"x 5" ribbed foam fly patches that are peel and stick and easy to replace when worn out. Custom size patches available on request. 3"x 5" patches are $6.00 each

Custom Boat Covers: We have a great premium boat cover. It is custom made to fit either the low side or high side models. Great for traveling or storage, it's a good investment to protect your boat from the elements: rain, snow, mud and sun.

A) Weathermax $750
B) Canvas $595

We offer Sawyer oars and Carlisle break down oars, we use a 9' to 9' 4" oar length for our high side boats, and 9' oars for our low side boats, that is our preference. All models are available, in most lengths. Our choice for a great rowing oar is Sawyer's Dynelite model. Available in solid ash or laminated fir shaft, composite blades, wide, narrow or shoal cut. This is a super sweet oar, we prefer the ash shaft and narrow blades. Counter-balanced? Nope, don't need to, the blades are light and thus the weight on the handles is too, naturally counter balanced. It's nice not having the hassle of the heavy clumsiness associated with steel weighted oar handles. These oars cost a little bit more but row and handle like a dream and are well worth the extra expense.

List of available oars – all oars come with rope wrap and donut

Sawyer Dynelite, ash shaft. $725.00 pair

Pole Cats, fiberglass shaft with a fir grip.
w/ Wood Blade $475.00 pair
w/ Duramax Blade $450.00 pair

** Sawyer has many different oars available, we have listed only 2 of the most popular oars, of which 95% of our customers have gone with. Sawyer has a web site, for complete list of all models please refer to that information. We will be happy to special order any oar for you!

Spare oar: Every boat has got to have one! Because this oar may never be used or used only on rare occasion, we offer an economy breakdown.

Carlisle breakdown oar, length 8', 2-piece shaft with donut. $165.00 each

Spare oar mounts: These soft-loc oar mounts allow you to mount spare oar under bench seat or face of storage box. Set of 4, including all stainless hardware for mounting 48.00 set or 12.00 each (shown above)

BBW Fishddrifter galvanized steel trailer (Made in the USA - built for a lifetime), 13" wheel and tire, carpeted bunks, winch stand, roller and loading tabs, 2" ball size, LED lights and 4 flat wire hook up. $2195.00

Spare tire and carrier for BBW Fishdrifter $160.00

ShoreLand'r trailer $1500.00
Spare tire and carrier for ShoreLand'r $135.00

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